Stripboard for the blind/filter in a fortune cookie?

When I bought my cheap Amazon multimeter, it said it had a “voice,” which apparently means I have a lil lady with a thick accent shouting values at me that I cannot shut off. It’s funny, but i could not figure out why it existed, until I checked the reviews and found a lot of people who have lost their vision but still help their friends work on cars, electronics, etc.

Yesterday while setting up a stripboard template in DLC, I noticed that the lettering and numbering makes it possible to express it in text, like a chess match. For example, trace cuts are simple coordinates (“B6”, etc.), and components can have lead position described pretty simply too (“100k resistor C7, C11,” or “1N4148 anode C7, cathode C10”.)

Not sure how folks would handle soldering, but it seems like text alone would be enough for someone with total loss of vision to lay out and troubleshoot a circuit through speech software.

Has anyone done work with/heard of vision impaired people who have utilized stripboards in this way?

I am intrigued. In need to let this sink a bit. Interesting thought.

In the 70’s we used pin boards and wire wrap tools which I think might be more useful to the visually impaired.