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Dont i know it.​​​​​​

I’ve added Cohost to the directory and shared my Cohost account. When I’ve learned how to build an instance of Mastodon then I’ll share my Mastodon account.

-Fumu / Esopus

When you guys give up on Twitter and make the move to Mastodon, follow . It’s a synth DIY group.


Done! I wasn’t aware you could make groups like that, good to know.

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I added my Cohost, self-hosted fediverse instance, and moribundly decaying Twitter, but fair warning, I use social media almost exclusively for zero context highly personal gay shitposting, don’t expect any sort of focus on music/synths/diy.

Also I took the liberty to rename the section “Mastodon” to “Fediverse / Mastodon” because I am using a self-hosted ActivityPub server that federates with the entire Fediverse, not just Mastodon, which is engaged in a hostile rebranding of the network it federates with.


Same. Hope to see y’all on the fediverse.


Funny, some people would have sorted the list by person name rather than by server name.

It’s sorted by both, service then name.

Depends on your question. One way best answers “who’s on Fediverse?” and one best answers “where’s AnalogOutput?” For the answer to the second question, smart people have their social media listed in their profile.

<goes off to edit profile>


Once upon a time I used to have a website with pages about various topics that interested me, but later I let that domain lapse and started using pages on for that stuff. But recently started promoting their own AI-powered garbage content creator plugin, and I didn’t want my blogs tainted by association with that, so I moved them to a WriteFreely instance connected to my new domain, and I figured I might as well also set up a website on that domain.

So I’ve been learning Hugo, rather a learning curve but it’s starting to make sense and I’m liking how it’s turning out. I have some content up there now. The synths page is at For now it focuses on my Kosmodrome synthesizer but I plan to add other stuff.

(The Analog Output blog, as it says above, is now at


Are you planning on leaving your historical blog up at Wordpress or migrating the info? So many well written articles that I’ve enjoyed reading.

Fortunately or unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a way to import Wordpress exports into WriteFreely. So the old blog posts will stay put at least for now.