SMD Benjolin… technical help

Having seen sam’s vid on the benjolin I thought I’d have a go at building one.

I downloaded the SMT version of the eagle files from a Github linked on Muffwiggler, exported Gerber files and ordered some boards from JLCPCB.

There’s a BOM which is basically an export from the Eagle file so, for an electronics newbie, it’s not super helpful when trying to navigate the maze of options on Mouser.

I’ve created a first draft order list of mfr and mouser product codes, but could use some advice on specifics.

When shopping for SMD resistors - for synths - should I be buying thick or thin film and what % value should I be looking at?

A similar question for ceramic capacitors - what voltage and % values should I be specifying?

Sorry if this is a bit basic, but I need to start somewhere…


oh definitely following.
SMD is hopefully my next step.

I need to get into making PCB’s but have no idea how lol.

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Just make sure you get the right package. I’d get 1% resistors and minimum 25V capacitors.


I’ve heard that some people get good results from a toaster oven and a good thermometer and a timer. One guy I have spoken to online swears by his microscope and a fine tipped thermostatic soldering iron. I have to say that the toaster oven method sounds more reliable for those of us whose soldering skills are limited.

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Mouser, I feel, is extremely challenging when you are new to electronics. There’s SO MANY OPTIONS and when you think you have the right thing you second guess yourself. Once I was introduced to Tayda my life changed. It was so much easier to find the parts I needed. I also found Tayda to be significantly cheaper than Mouser.


I had a look at Tayda and their site is significantly better to use than mouser, but they don’t have all the SMD parts I need for the build. I’ll do a wish list of the bits I need/they have later and see how much cheaper they are.

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Share picts and info as you go, very interested in this build.

If you want, you can ask if they will consider stocking what you want. I asked and got my way at least twice now.

Just as an aside, I’m too clumsy and impatient for smd projects but I’m looking into how JLBPCB will populate the smd components for you. Anyone else tried?


Same here, please share links and picts as you go, the more info the better.

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I will play around with the ordering system to see what it might cost - but to be honest I’ve been drawn into this rabbit hole because I really like making things - instagram - when it comes to actually attempting to make music, that’s when I’ll be hitting a brick wall.

I did think about ordering a solder stencil - that might make SMD assembly a little quicker - or a complete mess.


Looks awesome, I need a travel case for a Dreadbox V3.

Wow, those are absolutely gorgeous! :heart_eyes:

I haven’t tried but I am also tempted.
Which EDA software do you plan on using? Someone I know said he had trouble doing it from an Eagle project.
Let us know how it turns out, if you try.

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I’ve had a message to say that the PCBs are on their way from the factory. I’ve been wrestling mouser to create a BOM for this (and a bunch of other projects). The main problem was finding current/available parts for those that are discontinued. I think I’ve sorted it though.
After doing a similar task for the other projects on the workbench my Mouser basket came to £180!! so I’ve had a word with myself and limited it to just the Benjolin parts for now.
I’ll post pics of the boards when they arrive.

As an aside, I had an idea that I’d attempt to convert the readily available schematic pdf into a through hole pcb - as they’re not commercially available. My thinking being that through hole components might be less expensive. This however, is going to be a longer task as I need to get to grips with Eagle…

I also need a clear idea of what sounds I can produce from the modules I’ve bought and what additional modules I might need to make a coherent set-up.

So far I have Ripples, Plancks2, Peaks, Ornament and Crime, Benjolin, motivation radio, XIIO and a eurorack oscilloscope conversion kit.

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Benjolin boards arrived today…



Hey, saw you Double Benjolin…any chance u’d share the schematics for it, i’d love to build one SMDed for my eurorack…

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mine is not SMD.
it is simply Rob’s with caspers and jolin labs modifications.
If you want one that is open source, smd, and for eurorack, look up the forestcarver benjolin on github.
The Gerber files are openly available.

If you are deadset on doing your own layout, start here:

and then here:

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