A very simple module but it seems to be effective.

and i made a stripboard of it (not yet verified :slight_smile: )


What is the benefit over just using an inverted envelope on a vca? The page says less noise and distortion compared to vca but that seems like a stretch to me

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This is usefull to melt audio signal with the kick. Sorry for my english I can not good explain this with good words


I wonder why there are 4 diodes in the 2nd op-amp stage in the bottom of the schematic. In any case the last (connected to the 220R resistor) could be left out. The point where the 3 diodes meet will never get a negative voltage.

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Pin 10 of the TL074 is the 3IN+, and it seems you have connected the D4 to that. That does not correspond with the drawing at the beginning of this thread. Are you sure you haven’t mixed up pin 9 (3IN-) and 10 (3IN+) ?

[Edit] Never mind, I misread the schematic or the strip board!

If you route a negative envelope that is triggered at the same time as your kick drum to your vca or filter cutoff of your bassline you get the exact same effect and with more control of the “duck” duration and intensity


yes but you can also make a kick drum with an vco + vcf+ env,vca , but if you have a kick module you can stay all this stuff for other thing :slight_smile:
that’s why I think it’s good to have this kind of module
but all this is personal

i think it’s good, diode go to pin 10 with 1uf to gnd and also to 220R to decay pot, but i’m tired maybe a mistake i check this tomorrow, thx :slight_smile:


Yep, I see it now. I misread the schematic or the strip board.

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I built it this afternoon, I just need the 2 10uf power cap to test it.
can I replace them with another value (higher or lower), I have already seen 47uf on certain circuit, but …

You can leave them out for the time being, or use 47 µF. They’re to make things cleaner but they’re not required to make it work.