Deep Bass-Drum/Synth in progress

I build a new kick module inspired by the 606’s BD design with adding some mods (decay time control, tone control and a distortion mod)

I really love this kind of dirty and deep’s kick who looks “a little more” like hard-techno drums.

Than I have add a simple bypassed’s distortion mod (with clipping-diodes)

With this effect the sound look like a sort of deep bass’s synth :slight_smile:

I’m now thinking about adding a pitch tuning control with CV Input… it could be really fun !!

sorry for the bad quality of videos

work in progress…


here the main schematic from
Gerb-ster’s github (BD2) =>

and here the distortion schematic bloc I have add, from the @Krakenpine Twin-T Kick (placed before the tone control and master output blocs)

Than I have add a passive DPDT switched-bypass for chose between Drum mod or Synth Bass mod (= actived/desactived distortion)



just like that,

this is my 5th kick drum module… and finally maybe the last…??
is it serious doctor? :dizzy_face::grin:

me say that we never have too much bass modules… no…? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:
but I’m begin to running out of space! :disappointed_relieved:

Yes I know, it’s really wobbly,
the carpenter was just a little bit drunk… :grimacing:


it is going well !!!
I would suggest that you do a complete case of Kick, another of snare, … :rofl:


Or you could say: “The wonky panels are magic doors that open to a world of sonic adventure.”

(No, I’m not in advertising.)


I was thinking about it… :joy::joy:

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