Sample player based on Electrosmith Daisy

I designed a module that can play samples with Daisy. Here’s code and schematics for Eurorack version: GitHub - Krakenpine/Tomboi: Sample player with Daisy

The samples are baked in the code, so it’s a bit of a hassle to change them, but I’ll make better tools to convert wave files and generate code. Daisy has 8 MB of flash that can be used. Raw pcm-files as C++ arrays fill that up quickly, so I’m investigating how to compress and decompress data. Or how to use external memory card. Anyway, this can have atleast few drum samples, which is what I needed and originally designed this for.
But I had a slight feature creep, and this is becoming a full midi-controlled polyphonic sample-based synth with support for multisampled sounds with effects and envelopes and whatnot. But a really working version of that will be in the future.

Here’s a video about this:

Getting the code to Daisy can be a bit difficult, as it doesn’t fit in its internal memory and it has to be put into the external flash memory it has. Actually, problem may be in my computer, as dfu-util that is used to flash it has a hardcoded timeout of 5 seconds for every packet it sends. When the binary grew bigger, the upload started failing more and more regularly, until it was almost impossible to get it working. I had to get source codes for dfu-util, change the timeout to 15 seconds and compile it and use it, and then all problems in the uploading disappeared.

Anyway, I will design a Kosmo version of this in coming months, but if somebody wants to do it before that, be my guest. My Kosmo version will probably have an input to record new samples, but let’s see. Also, the code could be modified with ease to play samples with 1/oct tracking. Or atleast close to it, somekind of calibration functionality would probably be needed. But there are three trigger inputs and one switch, maybe that’s enough UI to control it…