Recommend 2ch analog mux ( source selector )

I am building a project that requires a arduino controlled 3+ waty Stereo source selector

Styrugling to track down a device that does the job, is available in DIP package and is actualy available not EOL…

Anybody got a quick recomendation?



I’ve got some of these that I’ve been meaning to try out for analog muxing, maybe the CD4053 would do what you need, with some appropriate signal conditioning:

don’t think the 4053 is right, it switches between 2 input on a single channel. over 3 switches.

Then maybe the 4052?

Yup, the CD4052 will let you switch a 2-channels between 4 different sources. I’ve used the single channel 8 way ones with Arduino’s and they are pretty straightforward.

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