Plane sequence(r)

At 6:58 he takes the numeric sequence he’s been talking about and turns it into a melodic sequence. (Played on a Conway grand piano, of course.)

As he says, you can play any sequence in the OEIS.

I dunno, maybe there’s a module in this if you think about it.


I’ve lost a lot of time trying to understand Numberphile and the Computerphile cousin.

The OEIS sequence player is quite an idea…

That reminds me of this paper :smiley: We had at some point a computer playing infinite sequences (streams) of numbers as notes for children that visited the research institute where I worked a couple of years ago. That was great fun :slight_smile: This might be an idea to use the network connector on the Teensy 4.1: Connect to OEIS and use sequences from there as sources for notes!


Seems to lack a getMIDI() function however.

OK, not a module, a Python script: