Philips Pocket Memo 290

So I got given this from an older relative that no longer has a use for it. I wanted to turn it into a lofi looper of sorts, kinda like the casio EG-5.

Im not really sure what im doing so any random advice would be cool. I just had a speed mod planned with some external cv but any other tips and things would be cool as im not massively sure what im doing.
I might need some signal limiting on the recorder side as it can get quite distorted, i like it but i dont know how useable it is like that. However that could just be the crappy speaker which im planning on doing a proper line out mod.

  • On the recording side I would try to circumvent the microphone amplifier and insert a signal adapted to the level the recorder needs into the device (you will likely have to attenuate the modular’s signals).

  • On the replay side I would replace the loudspeaker with a resistor, or simply disconnect it and tap the signal from there and amplify it to modular signal levels.

  • To make a looper you need to prepare a cartridge with a looped tape.

  • It appears to me that the device uses a permanent magnet as an erase head. To make automated recordings, i.e. switch between replay, recording and vice versa will therefore not be easy.