Not Midimuso CV-20

Started this little project last night, 20 CV and 8 trigger outputs, 16 CVs assignable to CC numbers or NRPN, triggers assignable to notes. 4 fixed CVs for pitchbend, modulation, channel aftertouch and breath control. Also can be used for a mono or poly MIDI to CV converter, for each note you lose a pair of assignable CVs and a trigger to the MIDI to CV upto a max of 8 notes.


A bit of coding today, basically I dumped the code from my old 6 note poly 16bit MIDI to CV converter onto the board and hacked it to use the PWM outputs and shiftregisters for triggers. Scaled the voltages and now it plays from 0-10v accurately enough to be used for pitch. Gates are 0-10v output. Now it’s 8 note poly and I will add the option to reduce the poly count. A few more bits and pieces to code up and fix the menus and I will start work on the assigner parts for individual CC or NRPN outputs.


Sunday evening MIDI to CV converter progress. Chasing down display issues, dodging missiles and buying the wife a new car…


Ok it’s just about ready for prime time. I’m happy with the functionality and offerings. MIDI to CV converter with 20 channels of CV, 8 gates and 4 clock outputs and a reset.

USB, USBhost and DIN midi inputs.

Can be split from 0-8 note polyphonic, unison mode with top, bottom and last note priority, assignable midi channel. When less than 8 notes are in the poly group the remaining pairs of CVs can be used for CC or NRPN outputs from 0-5v or 0-10v with a max resolution of 1024 steps for NRPN. They can also be assigned their own MIDI channel individually. The free gate outputs can be assigned a separate midi channel group and individual note numbers between 36 and 60 and used as triggers for drums etc. 4 dedicated CV outputs are available on the poly channel for pitchbend, modulation, channel aftertouch and breath control ( for you wind guys ).

Four clock outputs for divide by 1, 2, 4 & 8 outputs are available and a reset.

All details are available on my GitHub page.