My build progress

Huh, that’s a new one. Tell us more!

(I mean, people faking expensive power transistors is nothing new, but the #1157 uses 2N3904s or similar that cost nothing…)

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It was my fault, I guess, I ordered some "2N3904"s from AliExpress, but didn’t take a closer look until after I’d actually soldered them in all over the place. In tiny writing that smudges off very easily, it says BC547… which has a different pinout.

Today i made some wood cut, mastic, paint … to make a replica of the Portal Gun from Rick & Morty, with a little circuit for some nice light. and a false digital fx (with a stencil tricks and red thin plastic)
i’m waitting for an ISD1820 order to add some sound inside (like in my diy Flux Capacitor replica )
Lot of fun !

Message from dimension C137 :wink:

Here’s a new topic about details build


New season starts on June 20!


Im up to a decent point with my case, ive got modules screwed in and PSUs mounted now I just need to figure out where im going to mount the buss boards.
Then its just the backboards and some holes for the power connectors =)

I should probably test the rest of my 3D printed modules before plugging things in for good XD


I have a first working version of my polysynth. It has 6 independent voices, from left to right: MIDI controlled, ADSR, VCA, mixer and PSU. ADSR and VCA are capable of eight voices but for now I only have the DCO with six voices at hand. It is still missing a VCF, LFO and so on but already has a quite nice sound. So next will be a board with VCFs and controls of the ADSRs need some more fiddling. I think it’s time to think about some casing.


This is how it sounds, some Bach:

It is just the DCO, ADSRs and VCAs, no filter.


Got my panel finished for Fourses :smiley:


This is quite the achievement. Sounds good too!


I’ve had my case built for a while but as I’m waiting on two more packages to complete all my modules, I thought I’d put the power in today. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to have the power on the bottom left or bottom right so I decided to put a port on both sides.


I’ve been at this on an off for months, constantly blocked by sourcing little bits here and there, but I’ve finally got my first fully DIY, stripboarded, scrap-panel module sitting in my scrap wood case. Feels good man.




Finally finishing up a very important piece of the rack, the dual quantizer.

Update: getting close now, time for a beer and code.


Got the TLC5940 led driver and the MCP23017 to play together nicely. Guess what this will be… eventually…


That is blinky. I dunno what it is but I love it. :heart:

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What could go wrong?


It’s anticipatory. It’s definitely going to go wrong.

Update: it went wrong


Aion DIY Guitar effects makes really nice PCB kits, but who wants a bunch of little boxes on the floor?

I spent my weekend putting these kits behind a Kosmo panel. The first 2 kits, a Boss FA-1 and a OD-1 clone, are done and sounding great. I’m still waiting on a few parts to make the HM-2 clone work.

These Aion kits all called for opamps I don’t keep on hand to be close to the “originals”. (LM1458, LM348N, 2N5088)… I’ve just been tossing in TL072’s. Sounds just fine to me.

I left the other components as is in the kits, so my guitar playin buddy can just plug in when he comes over. I’ve been using a passive attenuator before an a Barton BMC30 after for my Kosmo stuff.


I love how Colin just melts into his synth and the music! He also has his very own style, not the typical atmospheric or synthwave-like doodling, simply different and refreshing.


I designed a Paper Circuit based on the Ultrasound Filters from ciat-lonbarde’s Plumbutter.

Build progress on it!