Mouser carts for KOS2020 (and a bit about wikis)

Perhaps a FAQ category. A FAQ article posted in one of the other categories will be difficult to find after a while.


I think a pinned post in the DIY category (and equivalent posts in other categories as necessary) would be better than a FAQ category. The FAQ articles themselves should be in the wiki (assuming that’s sensible, as I haven’t yet investigated the wiki capabilities of this forum.)

An updateable article makes more sense than an evolving discussion thread, to keep the necessary information from getting buried.


I think only a Leader can pin a post. Are there any Leaders other than Sam?

Is there any wiki structure other than making an individual post wiki?

FWIW,, the Discourse support forum, has a FAQ category, or rather it’s a sub-category of the Howto category.

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@d42kn355 made some BOM carts but I think they were for Tayda, let me try and find them

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I’ve created a blank wiki at:

I know nothing about the hosting company except that they were founded by the founder of Wikipedia and were previously known as WikiCities and Wikia. The basic principles of editing should be fairly familiar if you’ve ever used Wikipedia.

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We already have a wiki:


I had started adding to it after Fred started it, but i kinda forgot to add more.


different kinda wiki :slight_smile:
It’s a Fandom Page!!

What we can do there is categorize Sam’s Projects that he has done!! :smiley:


I think the main thing about the external wiki is that we can have more control than the Discourse software allows. It’s more like an editable website (the original Wiki concept) than whatever the Discourse wiki posts are (editable posts?)

I haven’t got any fixed ideas about this, and if anybody knows a more suitable wiki host now is the time to mention it.

Here are some suggestions for wiki pages to be written:

  • Page listing FAQs (two sections: one for FAQs produced by the community, another for generally useful FAQ resources outside the wiki.) Here I’m using the term FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) in its general meaning, a list of typical questions and answers that are likely to be useful to those interested in the topic.
  • Explanation of Kosmo format.
  • Details of Kosmo modules released to date, with a link to a page for each one.
  • On each module page, a list of resources such as YouTube videos, discussions on this forum and so on.

And so on. You get the idea?

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I’m not a real big fan of the ad-supported (“you are the product”) Fandom platform, and it should be easy enough to install wiki software on an inexpensive server for better control and no marketing, but that would require someone to set it up and pay the bill (which could be covered by donations, but they’d still have to pay it) (unless it’s a server they’re already using for other purposes). Fandom is free and easy, I’ll grant that. Also the skin is ugly as sin, but, hey, free.


I find it good, but just a question, except with this link I can not find it, it is where on the forum plz ?

edit : sorry i’ve just see it, it’s a thread
maybe it would be easier to find if it was like a category, otherwise it gets lost in the other threads.

I also added some suggestions in the Wiki, but English is not my language I prefer to let write the definition to other (story that it is better understandable)


I’m not seeing any ads, but maybe that’s because of the browser I use. I don’t mind what we do as long as it’s easy for anybody to add or change content and easy for somebody to read an article directly from a link in this forum.



Fandom derives income from advertising. The company initially used Google AdSense,[102] but moved on to Federated Media before bringing ad management in-house.[103] Alongside Fandom’s in-house advertising, they continue to use Adsense as well as Amazon Ads and several other third party advertising services. Fandom additionally gains income from various partnerships oriented around various sweepstake sponsorships on related wikis.


Just to divert the attention back to the og topic for a sec

So in short there isn’t a central hub for info here? It’s just all spread out in different topics, I can go hunting

Is there many ppl from the UK here? Wondering what the best shop is for electronics is, rapid seems good but never seen a BOM cart like mouser for it.


Sam usually posts rapid-heavy BOMs on the web pages for his modules.


In my opinion the whole advertising thing is not a problem at the individual level. I don’t see ads and that’s probably because I have decided to block ads and, where appropriate, contribute funds to websites I like a lot.

“You are the product” is a more serious point, and one I think we have to be aware of at all times. To be perfectly honest I think the only solution to that is to use one of the various privacy-respecting social media systems or host our own content. I’m not willing to be that paranoid. I avoid Facebook because it’s a madhouse and I eventually gave up tweeting because Twitter went the same way. They’re welcome to whatever little private information I may have divulged.

Edit: it seems that Wikia/Fandom has diverged from the simple wiki format, to the extent that I have absolutely no idea how to edit a wiki page to do what I want. What a mess! Oh well, sorry for wasting time and goodwill.

Rapid online and Thonk for the UK.
There should also be the ability to use Tayda in the UK :slight_smile:
You guys have a Mouser?

I wish Tayda let us export Carts.


Which modules are you looking at? Are you sourcing from UK, US or elsewhere? I would normally suggest sourcing from Tayda because they are the least expensive, but i think some folks from the UK have experienced delays.

Mouser is good in that they have a lot of variety, but i feel you can do better for cost if all you need is the common materials. Additionally, some things you would have to source from outside of mouser anyway, such as the very specific ICs.

If we knew more about the Kosmo modules you are planning on getting, as well as what country you are sending it to, we would be glad to assist in making a BOM with links.


Did you ask for a wiki discussion, or did someone edit the title? (asking for one thing in the post and two things in the title seems like the perfect way to get people to talk about a third thing :smiley:)

TBH, re the discussion in the thread, building exhaustive wikis and keeping them up to date, and building component carts that work for people in multiple locations and keeping them up to date (*) both require tons of volunteer manpower, and I don’t think many DIY communities have enough people to do that.

So I’d say your best bet is to invest a little time in figuring out how to read BOMs, get an idea of what’s important and not with the specified components, and map that to your favourite local supplier’s stores (see this topic for tips on component sources). You’ll amortize that over all the things you’ll ever build in the future, so it’s definitely time well spent. And this forum is full of people who are happy to help you with concrete questions, and provide tips & tricks; it’s the larger “is there robust documentation that answers all my questions” bits that are trickier to deliver :smiley:

*) see this thread for what happens when carts/overly specific BOMs go stale.


For what it is worth I think you speak English quite well. It’s certainly far better than my French :slight_smile:


yep thanks, but for some technical deffinition in wiki i prefere let that, i just add some idea
(Trimmer, PCB, Srtipboard , Breadboard, Patch, Trigger, Sample and Hold, White noise, Kosmo)

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