Moog Source clone update

Some serious shit flying our way again tonight, so I thought if share with you the progress I’ve made on the Moog Source clone in the last 3-4 days. I had to reverse engineer the whole thing to work out the schematics and I’m about 95% of the way and they are loaded into GitHub with a few changes and improvements. Just missing the PWM section and the sync circuitry. Also the latest code is uploaded with it.

Improvements are

Mod wheel depth settings
Pitchbend range settings
Note priority and single/multi triggering of envs
Aftertouch implementation and depth settings
Improvements to the note handling
Midi & external clock for the LFO
Latest version of the settings pages so no compilation warnings
New pushbutton callback routines using roxmux.
And many other things I can’t remember.


nice work sounds great !


it must be very trying all this russian invasion stuff, I have been following your progress on this from afar, it’s been really interesting to see it come together :slight_smile:

It’s been reasonably quiet for the past three months, but now Russia are ramping up the drone and missile attacks again. I think I got about 3 hours sleep last night with sirens etc. But we struggle through, it’s far worse for other people here.


yes, I expect you’ve seen the news about them only having one ww2 era tank in their parade in moscow today

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