Megadrone 24hour Livestream

As you (probably) know there was a 24 hour livestream of the Megadrone / Kilodrone.

This was on Youtube during the stream, but is no longer available to view historically (damn you Youtube).

During the LiveStream, I had a worry that this might happen, so I quickly set my computer to record the whole thing.

Now, it mostly worked. I have managed to put all the recorded segments together, cutting out any small gaps and repeated bits (using the video of the lights and oscilloscope as a guide) and leveling the volume in each segment.

Unfortunately, due to something going wrong, I missed about 45 minutes from 3 hours 33 minutes into the livestream, so there is a small fade out and fade-back-in at that point.

Finally, I encoded to mp3.

Here is a torrent of that 1.2gb mp3 file of (approx) 23 hours and 15 minutes of the 1000 megadrone livestream:

MP3 Magnet link (copy & paste as torrent URL


Episode 01 : 1pm - 2pm BST - The Start (~220mb)

Episode 1 Magnet link (copy & paste as torrent URL)


Episode 02 : 2pm - 3pm BST - Continuation, with another power down/up (~220mb)

Episode 2 Magnet link (copy & paste as torrent URL)


Episode 03 : 3pm - 4pm BST - Three more power down/up-s (~210mb)

Episode 3 Magnet link (copy & paste as torrent URL)


Episode 04 : 4pm - 4:33pm BST - Things start to get interesting…then I lost the feed (sorry) (~120mb)

Episode 4 Magnet link (copy & paste as torrent URL)


Episode 05 : 5:10pm - 6pm BST - Resumes from where I lost the feed. More (re)tuning and some interesting sounds here. (~180mb)

Episode 5 Magnet link (copy & paste as torrent URL)


Episode 06 : 6pm - 7pm BST - More re-tuning. Ends up (spoiler alert!) with a full sound that lasts quite a while. (~220mb)

Episode 6 Magnet link (copy & paste as torrent URL)


Episode 07 : 7pm - 8pm BST - Some pretty cool sounds at the end of this one (~230mb)

Episode 7 Magnet link (copy & paste as torrent URL)


Episode 08 : 8pm - 8:33pm BST - Before the oscilloscope. Shorter than normal, so that the next episode starts with the oscilloscope. (~120mb)

Episode 8 Magnet link (copy & paste as torrent URL)


Episode 09 : 8:33pm - 10pm BST - Oscilloscope Special. The start of the Oscilloscope section. This one is 1.5 hours to make up for the short episode last time :slight_smile: Oh, and sorry for the worse quality change. The actual source video changed quality, plus I had to use my worse-quality capture here as well, due to hard-drive failure earlier. (~380mb)

Episode 9 Magnet link (copy & paste as torrent URL)


If you have any problems - then let me know and please be patient - this is the first time I’ve done torrenting :slight_smile:

Oh, and once you’ve downloaded PLEASE PLEASE keep seeding.

Finally, if you’ve grabbed a copy, then a simple thank-you reply would be nice :slight_smile:


01-09-2020 : Added episode 1 and magnet URLs
07-09-2020 : Added episode 2
09-09-2020 : Added episode 3
11-09-2020 : Added episode 4
17-09-2020 : Added episode 5
12-10-2020 : Re-uploaded episodes due to my stupidness during hard-drive shuffle :frowning:
13-10-2020 : Added episode 6
19-10-2020 : Added episode 7 & 8
01-03-2021 : Added episode 9


Seems the limit is 12 hours :confused:

If your live stream is less than 12 hours, YouTube can automatically archive it for you. This option applies to all types of live streams […]

Note that if your stream exceeds 12 hours, it may not be captured at all.


I haven’t watched the live stream. My limit is around three hours for a really long film I’m extremely interested in. I don’t think I’d even want to watch much more than three hours of Jimi Hendrix at a time. Even Wagner’s Ring is divided into four operas that are traditionally broadcast on successive nights.

Would it not be more viewer-friendly to edit the stream down to highlights for broadcast? How many minutes of viewable content would it represent? Even if the answer is “all 1440 minutes” very few people are able to cope with that. A series of 30 minute shows (or if exceptional, 60 minutes) would surely make more sense.

Well, the full audio is available to download using the link above. Once downloaded, you can just stick it in the background while doing something else, or whatever. So that’s why I uploaded that first. It’s quite hypnotic after the first hour-and-a-half or so :smiley:

I haven’t even started on the video - I’ve been putting that off and I was waiting for a response here to see how best to deal with it.

Highlights are a good option - although my worry with that is that I would miss something that, in my opinion, is not very noteworthy - but after I’ve uploaded it someone would reply with “Wait… you didn’t include that really interesting bit at X hours, UY minutes”.

Episodes are a cool idea… like a TV show. Although a “Previously on the 24 hour megadrone” section at the start of each one would be a bit too much… :smiley:


My available sonic background is already occupied with other matters, but it’s a good idea to make a sound stream available for that purpose.

I have a bone to pick with Peter Jackson for this very reason. In my mind Lord of the Rings is a good story whose pace is spoiled by numerous tedious battle scenes. I was particularly disappointed to see that the developing relationship of Eowyn and Faramir was neglected while there were many lovingly rendered scenes of improbable creatures waging battle somewhere outside the room where Eowyn was attempting to nurse Faramir back to health.

Titanic has similar problems. The first half of the film is good enough, but then Cameron inexplicably has the ship strike an iceberg. Audiences and critics have rightly taken the director to task for the rather contrived manner of Jack’s death, but this problem could have been avoided by simply cutting the iceberg storyline altogether.


Ummm, yes this is a bit off-topic but…

I haven’t seen the film, but I am aware of the historic event… isn’t the whole thing with the ship hitting the iceberg the actual historic point? Or are you saying that the film didn’t have to be called “Titanic” and therefore could have ignored the whole iceberg thing altogether and just focused on the characters going from Southampton (or Ireland, or France) to New York on some other ship/time period?

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Somehow you failed to spot the huge glaring iceberg of an invisible sarcasm tag.

Seriously though, sorry I was just kidding.


No worries mate :smiley:

I sometimes have the inability to read sarcasm and take it as read.


LOL :joy: …………………………………

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Just for that, here’s a bonus.

“Draw me like one of your French girls.”


So I’ve decided to do it in episode form - each 1 hour maximum (some may be shorter due to lack of footage as mentioned in my first post).

The first episode is up and available. Check the original post - which I’ve updated.

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If you thought the 24 hour drone was a long performance, you’re nowhere near ambitious enough:

The John Cage ORGAN²/ASLSP Organ Art Project running currently — and for the next six centuries or so — in Halberstadt is a concert that several generations will be able to enjoy. No one is ever going to hear the complete piece here.

The emphasis is not on long but rather on slow. Any single chord is played for at least 30 days.

ORGAN²/ASLSP consists of 65 impulses during which a new sound begins ( Klangwechsel ), or ends ( Pause ), or a combination of the two.

The concert started on 5 September 2001 — with a 17-month rest — and the first actual chord was played from 5 February 2003 for 518 days.

The longest chord in the concert is impulse 15, which played for 2527 days from 5 October 2013. The sound consists of five notes, of which one will be paused on 5 September 2020. The next sound change will be after 518 days on 5 February 2022.

Apparently there’s a program of events associated with the next sound change this Saturday.


we’re gonna need to up our patreon funding to get Sam enough 5 hour energy drinks to do something like this. I wonder how many years the furby organ can hold a note.


This is the most John Cage thing I’ve ever read haha

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Episode 2 is now up - links in the original post


Have you told @lookmumnocomputer about this?
It sounded in some of his latest videos like he’d like to use some excerpts of the 24 hours to demonstrate some effects.

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I’ve commented on some of the patreon videos. Although I have been busy with work, so I’m a little out of date on his videos. I intend to catch-up this weekend :slight_smile:


cool thanks @antoine.pasde2 yeah il get these downloaded thanks marCNet! I wonder if you managed to get the chords towards the end? did you hear those in your recordings?


I did get everything at the end - the mp3 does have the chords at the end, it sounds pretty sweet :smiley:

I do have the video as well (including your little “thanks” sign), but it may take a while to comb through all the footage to find it. I was going to release the videos in order, but I can skip to the end if you want to see it

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Episode 3 is now up - links in the original post

Episode 4 is now also up - unfortunately the feed dropped for me half way through here, so this episode is only 33 minutes long (instead of the hour). Don’t worry, there is a next episode that starts from where the feed restarted for me - at around 5:10pm

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