Making the museum callable externally

so there has been a plan for a while to get the museum wired into the world. so people can call in to the telephone exchange when the museum is open and call any of the synths or any of the phones or techmoan etc. this is a video i shared on patreon yesterday however i felt it would be good to share here to explain our progress. A user by the name of @Dax is helping with this project, yesterday we sat and got some progress that you’ll see in the vid! but we are setting up this thread just to get ideas and also technical tips etc using FREEPBX as there are a number of aspects to the project.


Hello world

As Sam has said we are having trouble with the actual setup of the software, By day i am a Telecom engineer but have never dealt with PBX setup before as i have always dealt with the physical infrastrtucture/line side.

Any help or knowledge in how we setup freepbx would be greatly appreciated, we have got as far as having dial tone on the 3 outputs but havent been able to dial in to one of those succesfully yet, Its all in the setup i guess but trying to learn something entirely new is an uphill struggle for both of us :smiley:


Are you talking just the configuration and setup? I dont have personal exp with PBX, but im sure a lot of us on here have basic to intermediate Linux administration exp.

It looks like freepbx has a web interface you can enable that should aid with setting up and configuring things like DNS and routing.

If you want to discuss in more of an instant message format, you can head over to the discord here:


This might be useful too:

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btw still on this! just there is a step that is on the go. getting something that will transfer touch tone to pulse. then after that it’ll be figuring out a queuing system through the freepbx. also I need to sort out the VOIP like as yeah, not got it fully sorted! plenty of things but its still on the go!


there a number of plans when this is sorted. it will act as the control section for the museum, whilst there will be livestream setups to see feedback. for instance an electromechanical drawing machine and connect 4 which is used either by people in the museum or through the contact lines, also sequencers where you can change notes over the line. but first we need to get it all wired up! the telephone exchange stuff might have been a bit of a diversion im aware, but its all building up to making something bigger with means to control things externally and internally in a novel way. musical and none musical. it should be an exciting thing, but a few things to sort before getting there ha.