Looper, Sampler Drum-Computer under 20€

Marcel Licence is a new developer who created some great basic modules which are running on a basic MCU ESP32 (Arduino) and mostly need only a few circuits.

  • Sampling MIDI Module based on ESP32 A1S AI Thinker 2.2 board
  • Looper based on ESP32 A1S AI Thinker 2.2. board
  • Drum-Computer based on ESP32 with additional PCM5102 DAC
  • Basic Synth ( Poly / mono) based on ESP32 with additional PCM5102 DAC
    The Code is on Github, Videos on YT
    I have used the Drum-Computer Code to add this modules inside my Korg Volca Beats which now sounds like a 908 or 706 … costs 15€ … and the volca is not damaged in total.

Check his Videos, I belive, You will find a simple way to add these raw implementation as new modules into a Module. He created very simple code which sounds really great and it was easy for me to change the code to let it fir into me needs.
The AI Thinker boards are a bit more tricky because they do not provide a lot of free GPIO-Pins to implement local controles ( pots, switches, sliders) and I belive, they stick with MIDI.

My mod of the Volca Beats: Sorry for my bad english …


This is very interesting and opens the door to VERY cheap synth modules. Probably missed by a lot of readers here, so, this comment is rather a “up” for others :slight_smile:


Update: Marcel Licence updated his Github: Now 8 Repos, New: ADC-Addon for some projects with 8 Pots. A FM-Synth like used in Gameconsoles.
Some Projects got updates to make them more modular and so they could run on normal ESP32 with PCM5102 with 32Bit resolution and on Thinker Audio A1S Boards with 16 Bit and different GPIOs.
Chech his Github-Account, as he is really in discussions with users.
For now, I am trying to create some kind of 16 Step-Sequencer with it for a “Korg Volca” rebuild.