Jack sockets for old Boss BX-80

I’m helping in a Repair Café and yesterday someone came in with a Boss BX-80 Mixer that has a broken jack socket.
I found the service manual for the Boxx BX-8/16, in that it’s said that the jack sockets are hlj0521-01-110
Assuming the BX-80 uses the same parts, could someone recommend jack sockets that would fit?

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I don’t find anything on line with “hlj0521-01-110” ref
Have you a pic of the old one, is mono, stereo, 6.35, 3.5, for output, for headphone … ?

in the manual

Sans titre

there’re 3 differents type (i thinks depend of if it need stereo …)

Sans titre

There’s HLJ0605-01-1010 (TRS) and HLJ0605-01-1110 (TS with switch) on page 25 here:


is a part described as:

This phone jack corresponds to these parts:

  • HLJ 0521-01-1110
  • HLJ 0541-01-1110
  • HLJ 1520-01-3110
  • HLJ 1540-01-3110

This phone jack is available from various manufacturers in the same mechanical and technical construction. An exception is the manufacturer HOSIDEN using a wider housing. The electrical connection has the same structure.


It’s the second channel input, so pretty sure it’s mono.
I thought of taking a picture of the Mixer model, but not the jack sockets themselves.

The ones from retroamplis look very much like what I remember: relatively long but narrow and very close to the PCB.
I guess I’ll make the person measure them exactly

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