Is it safe to use 1/4" TRS jack/plug combo to power my synth?

I’m using the Frequency central power supply to power a custom Eurorack case. The plug recommended in the BOM doesn’t fit the latest design of the PCB. From planning to execution, I’ve been working on this for almost 3 months now and I’m sick of delays. I’m considering using parts I can get at my local guitar center because there are no electronics suppliers in my area and I don’t want to wait on another order from Tayda. I also don’t want to connect the wall wart directly to the PCB for functional and aesthetic reasons.

If I take steps to avoid accidental shorts (connect an SPST between the female connector and the power supply, make the bastardized wall wart visually distinct from other equipment using 1/4" TRS, connect the wall wart to the synth before plugging it in to the wall, etc) is this a viable solution?

Thanks in advance for your opinions!

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I wouldn’t risk it. Not as bad as, say, using 1/4" TRS to deliver 120 VAC, but I don’t like it.

If you have the BOM connector that doesn’t fit on the PCB (!?) you could connect it to the PCB with short lengths of wire. Wouldn’t look as clean but is the PSU going to be in view anyway?

And you could place a Tayda order now and replace the rigged connector with a properly fitting one once it arrives.


Other design choices that I’ve made make it very sub-optimal to disassemble the thing once it’s all put together.

The connector from the BOM is designed to be mounted to a PCB and doesn’t have any kind of panel mounting hardware. I’m struggling to think of a way to mount it to the outside of the case that would provide enough support to withstand the repeated forces from plugging/unplugging the barrel connector.
Here is the link to the part on Tayda’s website:

I’m open to suggestions if you have any. The first thing that comes to mind is to epoxy the connector to the back side of a washer and then epoxy the washer over a hole drilled on the case’s exterior.

Thanks for taking the time to reply!

Oh. Uh… Good luck with that.

I use these. Solder a male and female together, mount the female to the case and plug the male into your power supply.


I think you will short power supply rails if you ever plug/unplug when the power supply is on.

Xlr cables are ok for power physically (not wall power but low voltage dc), but could be accidently plugged into an audio device.


I would like this twice if I could. I dug through several pages on Amazon and saw plenty of things that would work, but didn’t see these or anything that would come fast enough for my liking. It looks like I can get these delivered tomorrow which is perfect because I’m expecting the wall wart tomorrow as well.

Thank you!

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