How to post a video in a topic?

Hello, just a noob question: How can I integrated a video in my posts ?

Thank you for helpfull ! I delete this topic when I have an answer :wink:

just copy the link in your post

(btw i think you can erase a post but not a Thread)

locked but not deleted

Merci pour tes explications :slight_smile: il faut donc que j’heberge ma vidéo sur un site externe ? Ou dans un format spécifique ?
oh dsl jai créé un topic pour rien :confused: je vais voir si je peux le supprimer !

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Oui elle doit être d’abord hébergée sur une plateforme externe.

Trad :
yes it must first be hosted on an external platform.

Ok have you a suggestion for a platform ?
Thank you again :stuck_out_tongue:

Youtube is obviously the most used, I also have a Dalymotion (the French version of Ytube) but not very well.

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So future newbies cannot find the answer, and have to ask again? :grinning:

As @Dud says, most major video hosts are supported. Just upload the video to your own account, and drop the video link in the post, on its own line and as plain text (not using the link function), and discourse will inline the player.

(I moved this to the FAQ section. While you have to upload the videos yourself DIY is more for building things :slight_smile:)


Thank to all !! Sorry I work better with a solder iron than a computer keyboard :stuck_out_tongue: