GEM PX-series? Does anyone know anything about it?

So I have this old Keyboard GEM PX7-II, but I can find absolute nothing about it, because it was targeted for home users, not professionals. It used to be my grandfather’s, but he bought a more advanced, because he want to record stuff, more than it can support and he gave it to my sister. However I do know it can work as synthizer, however I can’t find a way to make it work.


Gem is an Italian synth I think. Oddly I can’t find any info about it either, sorry

Edit: general music still exist. Do you have a picture? Not sure if its a workstation, a piano expander or a controller. I remember their kit was quite big in the 90‘s

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I also saw some links to dutch synth forums, now defunct if that helps.

The comments on this video are pretty interesting:


Surprising amount of discussion in Dutch, a little in Italian.


They started out Italian but I think they’re owned by a Finland company now.


It is a workstation. And it match my estimate that it is from late 80’s to mid 90’s.


That doesn’t look like the right manual, sadly. It is synthizer with a sequencer, keyboard and drum machine not the other way around.

I found that video as well.
Same series, But mine is different version of the PX7. The logo is and placed different on mine. It can just be a minor change.

Yeah, the manual’s for an E-Mu PX-7, which is very much not a GEM PX7!

Do’h! Right, i was doing this research without much double checking. All i seem to fine are a load of sketchy sites with sketchy scam links.

GEM, aka Generalmusic, seems to have changed hands at some point. This might be one of those times where in the change up, things changed drastically. I just dont see that model listed on that page, or even in manual listings.

An hour later, and i still got nothin.


Yearh, it seems like an instrument lost to time and collective memory. What I can find is they went bankrupt, and someone bought the names. It doesn’t seems to be a popular model. The series in general is hard to track.
The only thing I found about it was this, but it didn’t help me further:

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Hi, I have a Px7-II but not the manual, do You have a copy in pdf now?
Thank You

Nope. It is an old keyboard, predating the internet.