DIY AD/AR - LookMum

I’m using the AD/AR schematic found on LookMum. I’ve tested everything multiple times but I’m still not getting a response. Has anyone successfully built this envelope?

Some discussion here:

What are you triggering with?

How are you looking at the output?

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Have you think to put the Gate jack to GND, it’s not show in this stripboard

I’ve grounded the gate jack

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I don’t think that will solve your problem but it is advisable to change the resistors from 100K (in red) to 10K for better triggering.


re check the placement of all components, also the resistor and cap value, your solder point, and the eventually short between strip.

This schem works, there is bound to be an error somewhere.

also for gate/ trigger test, put the attack pot to zero.


You’re my savior bro <3 I’ ve got problem with triggering and changing this resistor fixed it <3