DAYDREAMER DAY! (new LMNC music release)


good spotify

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X-post from youtube comments:
When i first heard this song i was in love. The lyrics strike home, and as usual Sam delivers a song that (i think anyway) strikes at that notion that we shouldnt go after our dreams just because there is danger in that. Of course there is risk, but there is also the risk of a life not lived.


I love the cover!


(btw, @lookmumnocomputer says " link in my insta bio :sunglasses:." on his IG post about this song, but the link in his bio is hyperdead for me (I get error 403, “Access to was denied!”). Does this work for everyone else and it’s just me having trouble, or?)

EDIT: says it’s just me, but when I click the link on that page I end up somewhere else. not going to debug web sites on a saturday, so whatevs :woman_shrugging:

EDIT 2: ok, did a tiny amount of debugging – turns out their SSL certs are bad, which explains at least some of what I saw. that’s a bit amateurish.

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Redirects for me to (which isn’t very useful)

Wait, you mean this link? That works for me.

Links there are:|

Yeah, there’s where the downforeveryoneorjustme page sends me (the smarturl management page, that is). The link in Sam’s IG (, or going directly to hyperurl (with or without https) gives me various errors. From a quick look at twitter, there’s a lot of artists that think this thing works, so it might just be me. Guess I’ll have to stick to bandcamp :smiley:

Do you see any 3xx http responses with your 403? Sound like you got denied by some rule otherwise. No idea wtf hyperurl is, is it some url redirect service? Maybe those sorta of services give a security layer that can deny for some reason which may deny some users and redirect one way, and allow others and redirect another way.

Either way, nice on those ssl certs. They better get on that, the rules are changing and getting more strict because apple.

it’s like tinyurl, provides a short link to a more complex URL…

Worked for me.

See that’s what i thought.

Raw response appears to be (for HTTP):

HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden
Connection: keep-alive
Content-Length: 0

For HTTPS, none of the browsers I’ve checked connects. Guess they just don’t like me :woman_shrugging:

thats really strange. it works for me too. ill check again

It worked on a different network (with HTTP), so guess they’ve banned my ISP or something :smiley:

HTTPS is broken, though; it serves the cert for another domain (, so both Chrome and Firefox will show you a big warning:

yeah, the SSL cert is not right… so lots of up to date browsers may block it…

I just went to amazon directly…

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This doesnt super matter but:

That the instagram link is a wrapper to that hyperurl link.

This shows when you request that link, that you are served a client-side JS to redirect to another address.
the JS function is “document.location.replace”.

Here is the output when you just try to hit that link the redirect would send you to:

This is what that would look like:

One issue is that the link in instagram does not have the https schema before the address. But as others have pointed out, if you direct to use ssl you still have issues. however, the reason the certivicate is not verified is actualy a result of the hostname not matching what it is registered with the CA. As @fredrik mentioned, the cert was for domain.

Now if we change to .it domain:

The domain doesnt resolve. So it seems to me that they were moving some stuff around and the migration didnt move everything like certs to the .co domain or some shit.



Look Mum, An Old Computer ft. Kosmo.