Chrome, us here and the discourse app

Hi. Quick question. I come to this site via a chrome browser on either my Android phone or my trusty chromebook.
Lately hearing too much about the discourse app. Is it related? If so is it a better platform for me to access this group?

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I just downloaded the Android app, which is called DiscourseHub. I normally browse the internet with Bromite, a derivative of Chromium browser that runs on Android, and once I got the app started up and connecting to this discourse group the app showed me a screen identical to the mobile browser version. In fact, it seems to be a mere facade for the website. As I’m more comfortable with Bromite I uninstalled the app.

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Cheers. My only problem with my chrome access is that I dont seem to have an option to stop the summaries and posts going to my email. (Asked this before but im just not seeing it - slow days)

Other than that I just wanted to see if there was a better experience out there ( shocking use of the word experience - sorry)

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PICTURES!!! Thank you for taking the time. You’re a star.
Also helps if your chromebook and phone are not in mobile view it seems. :slight_smile:


You can access those preferences from mobile view. At least I could just now.

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SOLVED. I updated the iOS and the problem is gone.

I have a strange problem accessing the forum page since yesterday.
When I try to access the page on my smartphone (iphone 7 iOS 14.3) I always get this response:

Notice that the page layout is weird.
This occurs in all browsers I’ve tested: Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. I updated all of them.
All other pages and applications work normally, this only happens with the forum page.
Has anyone here experienced the same problem and could help me to fix it?