Benn Jordan - Why Aren't There More Female Producers?

Something to be cognizant of:


I am glad that Benn did the video and I think it was well done. Sexism in the music industry is very real.

Benn had asked to interview me for this video piece in December, but I couldn’t bring myself to discuss the experiences I had when I was working for some major labels. I was too afraid of retribution since I still am working in the music industry so I had to pass.


What a great insight, I never thought of this. I just play music as woman, but I always played for myself. It is pretty hard to stomach these woman, that choice this as career, and see what they are pulled through. It seems way worse than I ever experienced when I studied(City planning and engineering), before my depression, but I had a stalker at the time, like the guy had his friends to watch me and whoever I talked with at university, like hunters on their prey. It was weird, but I could sometimes avoid them. I am glad I didn’t finish my degree, since I could hang on these guys for the rest of my life.


I am so sorry that you had to go through all of that. I understand quite well, unfortunately, what a stalker can do to you emotionally and how it can completely alter your life. The stalker that I had was so bad that I was under 24 hour police protection. The incredibly frustrating part is that I was living in Arizona at the time and a few months prior they had passed an anti-stalking law. The law could only be put into effect if the stalker had physically done something to me. In other words, it was useless. This stalker would leave letters under my apartment door, at my work, and on my car describing in extreme detail how he was going to rape, torture, and kill me and the police said they couldn’t do anything until he tried to do any of those things. I ended up moving back home to Colorado because of it.

However, I digress. The music industry is extremely sexist, especially on the label side of things. Part of me really wanted to speak up and expose the reality of being a women in this industry. However, the timing is off for me right now because I know that retribution would happen if I did say something. That’s wrong, but it’s the reality we live in in this industry.