Annotated Simple DIY Envelope Generator

Time for another annotated stripboard, this time Sam’s Simple DIY Envelope Generator:

The trigger to gate stage confused me a bit; see discussion here.


Much to my shame but I’ll ask a stupid question.
Does the ground from the jack sockets connect to the ground of the power supply?
Built this circuit, on power up the supply gets very hot quite quickly.


All grounds should be connected to each other and to the ground (0 V) from the supply. You want all parts of the system to agree on where 0 V is.

If your supply gets hot with only this module plugged in something’s wrong; this uses very little current.


This will absolutely save me the next time i build this. I had to fiddle about with it a bit.


I’m a bit late to the party on this one but quick question: is the 10nf capacitor electrolytic, poly, ceramic?


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Ceramic works, but maybe film are better ?

You’d have a bit of trouble finding a 10 nF electrolytic. Mostly they tend to be above 100 nF.

I’d probably use film, but as @Dud says, ceramic should be good.

Thanks both. I had thought that it would be small for an electrolytic but only the 1uf had been called out specifically as non-polarised. Appreciate the help :slight_smile:

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Also, here’s a schematic

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