Advice for posting a stripboard image in the forum

Being something that comes up quite often I thought it might be useful. It’s a wiki so don’t hesitate to correct, modify, add…

  • To facilitate the identification of the module it is good to annotate directly on the image the name of the module or circuit that is on the stripboard. This makes it easier to print out and store stripboard layouts in a folder.

    You may also want to insert your name as the author. Please attribute any sources or inspiration you have for the circuit, if any! Not only out of respect for the original creator but to help anyone find additional information.

  • If you have not built your layout in real life, you should mark “NOT VERIFIED” clearly on your layout. This is because search engines tend to pick up layouts from the forum without any of the surrounding context so it is essential to mark this on the image itself. To reduce proliferation of unverified layouts, it’s best to post your layout only in The UNVERIFIED Stripboard Lounge.

    You should mark the layout with “VERIFIED” if you have tested the circuit from this stripboard layout and it works. Post your layout in Verified Stripboard Layouts! and/or in any relevant topics.

Example layout:


probably would be an idea to pin this post so it doesn’t get lost .


It’s in the FAQ category. Not hard to find if you look there (and if you’re new here, you should).


The back of the board is less necessary but very useful