Front panels - design norms to consider?

I’m just about to start laying out my first couple of panels (going to have them made as PCBs if I’m able to follow any of the guides online).

Before I commit to anything though I wanted to ask whether there were any “rules of thumb” or other design patterns that I should be considering as a ‘first time module maker’?

e.g. make sure the 1/4’’ jacks are Xcm apart, don’t forget to do Y, PCB manufacture isn’t very good at Z, etc

A slightly vague question but any insights based on experience would be much appreciated.


@analogoutput that is a REALLY good piece of advice! You mentioned it somewhere here before and that’s how I knew to ask about it.

@AdamDynamic I am by far no expert. Any panel skills I learned from @d42kn355. :slight_smile:

Which software are you using to make them? kiCad? Are you planning to order from jlcpcb or somewhere else? JLCPCB told me they cannot guarantee text or lines that are less than .2mm apart. However, I had text that was .47mm apart and it turned out like crap. You get what you pay for though. This tutorial from Nuts & Volts was helpful for me along with tips from Josh.


for potentiometer that depend also of what size knobs you use,

don’t forget the hole for mounting circuit

maybe here, on this several answers :