Abuse of THT components

Today on You Cant Do That to a PCB…


Interesting! I’m building a few 16-note sequencers, with the clock counter parts being based on the MFOS design. Those can provide a 4-bit count or alternatively a random 4-bit sequence.

I intend to do a few things to the 4-bit counter sent to the analogue stages I’m designing, including being able to force or invert individual count data bits for more interesting effects with greater or lesser predictability and repetition.

It strikes me that by using outputs from two separately clocked counters, an effect similar to that in the above video might be achieved, say 2 bits from one counter mixed with two bits from another.

Also maybe CV inputs to comparators which are then gated with clock data bits, XORed, perhaps, could provide some CV control of the sequence.

Time to experiment…