9mm Vertical B10k & B100k Pots & Switches For Sale

I meant to post this a couple of weeks ago but life got in the way for a bit.

I have the following pots and switches for sale if anyone is in need. I’m selling the pots in packs of 10 and the switches in packs of 2. I’m selling the pots for $2 less per pack to LMNC community members than what I will be selling them for on Reverb and Tindie. These are comparable to Alphas in terms of footprint. They are very similar to the ones Modular Addict sold here in the US in terms of quality.

9mm Vertical B10k 6.35 Round Shaft (Pack of 10): $9
9mm Vertical B100k 6.35 Round Shaft (Pack of 10): $9

DPDT on-on (pack of 2): $1
DPDT on-off-on (pack of 2): $1
SPDT on-on (pack of 2): $1
SPDT on-off-on (pack of 2): $1

Depends on where you live and how much you buy but it will likely be $4 for US residents. I can tell you after I know where I’m shipping and how much you want to buy. I’m only shipping via USPS right now as I can do so without going into a place to have it shipped due to Covid.

I don’t have photos of the switches quite yet but they look like the ones on Tayda.

Story Behind These (if anyone wants to know why I have so many):
I had a bunch of pots manufactured a couple of months ago because I was annoyed that Modular Addict was always out of them. (They were my goto place for pots.) I decided to also get a bunch of switches after I realized I needed a bunch for a @CTorp module and the LMNC quad VCA’s.

If anyone is interested you can message me. I take Paypal or Venmo.


Guess what I ordered about eight hours ago from Small Bear? At $2+ each?


It’s like the corollary of the theorem “When you checkout an order, you will need to do a new one 5 minutes later” -> “When you checkout an order, you will find cheaper 5 minutes later”.



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I got 2 packs of pots from popflier for the Megadrone, and I’d say the quality is better than the ones from Modular Addict.


post this on the BST thread if you haven’t all ready so we can find it easier .

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Great quality pots!
Speaking of which - i need those 2 packs that I forgot to order lmao


very interested indeed 2 sets of 10k pots, 3 sets of 100k , switches all styles listed . yes I am so in. thanks San Jose, California Robert T. aka synthguy

Nicole r u still selling pots and switches ?

Yes. I have stock of everything still.


Most of the cheap knobs I get from AliExpress won’t fit a 6.35mm shaft, I have to make sure I get pots with 6mm shafts.
Don’t you guys have trouble finding knobs for pots with 6.35mm shafts?

Nah, I stock both :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I personally don’t. I bought a bunch of stock in the Boss MF-A01-A05 knobs. I actually will have some of those for sale soon. They are nicer with brass insets and set screws, but I’ve seen the cheap ones that you’re talking about.


I usually don’t notice until it’s soldered up and bolted in place and the knobs I like won’t fit :smiley:


You will have a customer for them soon.

Tayda has lots of 6.35 mm knobs, a lot more of them than 6 mm.


UK-electronic has some too and the prices are okay too



thanks will be in touch , stay safe and healthy