8 step sequencer problems, a few questions

Hi Christian, welcome here.

Does the sequencer run if you have a clock in the input?

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Thanks CTorp

And thanks for replying. I don’t have anything to send out a clock signal, so unfortunately i can’t test that just yet.

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The switches are just manual control of clock signal going into arduino (hitting forward/backwards switches simply injects 5v into the forward/back clock in). So if your switches don’t work there’s a good chance the clock in wouldnt either.

Double check the forward/backwards connections to the arduino and the 5v (from the regulator) going into the switches

Also, you can use almost anything to trigger the clock, LFO, EG, oscillator, keyboard gate, whatever you want—so unless this is one of your first modules and you don’t have a keystep or something, you probably have something that you could use for the clock in

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Allright, i did try it with a LFO and a VCO, but i wasn’t shure about that aproach. I guess i will just have to go over all the connections once again :wink:


Well, that doesn’t sound right. Sounds like it really wants to be on step 1, which suggests to me maybe it’s something like the reset pin is always high. Check that Arduino pin D10 isn’t perpetually 5 V (or non zero V). Check the same on pin A0 while you’re at it.


Perfect! I will get right on that. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Finally, i had a chance to look at it last night. As you suggested, i checked D10 and A0 and something wasn’t right. Besides that, i had some questionable soldering points, so i decided to just redo the whole stripboard part - And now it works! I couldn’t say excactly what the problems was though. Thank you for your input ! :slight_smile: