#4710 safety valve

Oooh can’t wait.

This is bad news for you, tube creature


Order is in! Can’t wait to add this to my box o’ Kosmo modules. :laughing: One day my little Kosmo friends will get a case and get to be played with. One day.


One thing I recommend with exposed valves is to put a piece of clear acrylic over them by adding four standoffs around the valve, then screwing the acrylic on top. Helps stop it being accidentally knocked.

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Well my kit arrived today, but I am out of 072’s so am having to wait til Monday to test it. Could have sworn I had some but they turned out to be 061’s… ah well

I was wondering… Do these modules do the same type of sidechaining effect as the safety valve VCA module? Trying to decide which one to build.

sidechaining in what reespect? in my opinion best way to do side chaining is negative output of envelope generator into a VCA, with an attenuator in the middle to control how much the duck is. :). this safety valve is just pure frazzle tone


or you have this little simple module too :slight_smile:


what link to RS? …



unfortunately no stock says back order until 5/10/21 … ( I wonder if that’s realy 10th May )

Got one elsewhere anyway.


Waiting on Thonk to restock their B10K and B100K pots, but kit turned up. Along with a Kosmo autograph :smiley: Is this like a Willy Wonka Golden Ticket? :laughing:


aha!!! very nice, I wrote something on each of the cards as I didn’t have any made up for the safety valve module!!! so they are all different some are K. some are a bit more going on, :smiley:


damn! rapid electronics 12ax7 | Rapid Online not as cheap but! electro harmonic the one I had in the video was the top one with yellow logo

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Sh…t , good job I did not throw away my bespoke Ltd Edition Card!!

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re sidechaining, i was referring to this part in the safety valve VCA video where @lookmumnocomputer mentions it sidechaining / sucking volume in. i am definitely in the market for some tube distortion either way, but if i can get some weird sidechain effects with it, that’s great too. can i do that with this module? or should i build the VCA? or just build all 3? :slight_smile:

https://youtu.be/ M81n2iLxY_o?t=464

I think the best sjidechaining effect is from a vca! but either works :). I personally preferred the first safetycvalvecthat is all :).


I’m having a bit of trouble with the module. I’ve built two of them and seem to have made the same mistake :grin: but I can’t figure out what.
When I turn off bypass I can’t hear anything except a little crackle and the LED behind the valve isn’t lighting up at all. However, when I turn off my power supply the LED gets really bright, like excess power routing to it.
My first thought after building the first module was: I’m stupid, I’ve put the LED in backwards! But that wasn’t the case, so now I’m a bit stumped…

the only thing I can think of is maybe its a weird switch, I’m trying to think . could you send a picture of the module? I thought for a sec there was maybe a mistake but I built 2 from that batch to double check

definitely using TL072 right??? is it definitely around the right way?

when the switch is up is it just sounding normal? this is fine just means everything is working on the input side of things

Yes, using TL072 and right way around (should be able to make that out on the picture)

Also on bypass it’s sounding normal on both modules so inputs seem okay. Just curious: If I have nothing plugged in the input, bypass off and turn up the gain and/or volume the LED under the valve should light up, right? or is it only lighting up when my input is strong enough?

@lookmumnocomputer forget what I said!
Shame on me :smiley:
It works. I was stupid and choose a very dumb input source to test it. As my analog rack case is currently being build I just tried it with a PO-35 and that output level is not up to snuff it seems :see_no_evil:
Just plugged my VCO in and it sounds glorious!

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