1222 Tuner VCO.. Without the Tuner?

I’ve got all the bits coming in for my 1222s, but I’ve had a difficult time sourcing the display.

To be honest, though it’s a cool feature, I don’t really need the built in tuner, I’m not performing live with my rig and I’ve got plenty of hardware and software tuners.

Does anybody know of a way to use the module without the Arduino and the display circuitry? Can I just… skip the bits I don’t need? Or will it require some serious bodging to make work?


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Yes you can just skip only the tuner & arduino part

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As @Dud said, everything that’s in the top right frame of the schematic can be omitted without any other changes.
That includes the 5V regulator and all the Rs.


You can use any 7 segment LED display you like. Just make sure you pay attention to whether it is a common cathode or common anode type. Both can be used, but the circuitry needs to be adapted in the right way of course.

Note: tuning the oscillator may be necessary if you do not play live as well because other gear or samples you may use are tuned and you would want them to sound well together.

I was looking for something similar, ended up going with a (well two actually) Frequency Central CEMosc, which I adapted to KOSMO format. That is, I mounted to PCB on stand-offs and wired the pots and jacks.