1157 MINI ADSR Module

This topic is made for the 1157 MINI ADSR which went up today!

the Schematic and Bill of materials are available over here :-

ill work on getting the other usual stuff for this module completed over the weekend! a simple version on stripboard and what not.


This may be a silly question… but what is the difference between the 2 SPDT switches on the BOM?

And how can I tell the difference on Tayda? they pretty much all say On-Off-On for SPDT -_- lol

Or are the closed brackets referencing Momentary?

The schematic mentions momentary switche on one and latching on the other, so correct me if I am wrong, you would want https://www.taydaelectronics.com/momentary-mini-toggle-switch-spdt-on-off-on.html


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I think you put the same link twice.

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One of the switches is a normal (not momentary) SPDT, the other one is a bit funky as mentioned at the bottom of the schematic, one side is momentary and the other side not momentary.

Edit: swapped “other” & “side”


So this one


and this one?


Thanks btw!! just wanted to be sure lol

(the BOM says “SPDT Switch SPST (on)-off-on” and it confused the hell out of me… lol)

The momentary one looks like it’s momentary on both sides, you want momentary on only one side but I don’t know how a momentary on only one side would be described.

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It would be (on)-off-on


It doesn’t look like Tayda stocks one. I also didn’t manage to find one on Amazon. Or Anchor Electronics brick and mortar store. Pretty sure we’ll have to Mouser this one :unamused:

On the bright side, seems they have 65 different ones to choose from

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This one should work then.

I just thought I was going nuts cuz tayda has zero and like every other friggin switch. Lolol

It’ll work, but $7.71 seems steep.

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If you’re willing to wait two to three weeks, you can find them on AliExpress for next to nothing


Still faster than the 10 weeks factory lead time for the linked mouser switch :smiley:

But yeah, (on)-off-on is a less common configuration. You could emulate it with an on-on and a separate push button switch, but that’ll require some drilling.

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hey all!!! just to clear this up. I am covering it in the video im doing today for it. it is indeed momentary on 1 side and not momentary on the other./

you have a couple of options.

the reason I use this switch is so if I push down on it it triggers the adsr momentarily, but if I switch it up it latches the envelope generator on, meaning if you turn up the sustain for instance it is just a solid voltage.

if you cant find the funky (on) off on then not to fear, if you aint fussed about the latching feature which isn’t that vital anyway just go for a completely momentary switch


using a completely momentary switch has an advantage. you can trigger it twice as quick by hand! I use this method a couple of times, because you just wiggle the switch and it rapidly triggers. because both up and down momentarily triggers the envelope generator. just food for thought!


sorry ill update that

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watch out! I just double checked that. the picture isn’t what it seems thats a dpdt switch check the data sheet link on the product description (next to the image)

I didnt realise these switches were so hard to find out of the UK. maybe I will include them with the module kit next time round. sorry about that!@


and like I said a (on) off (on) will also work fine, just a different function!


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