What about Copyright©?

What’s the general stance on copyright for all those schematics.
I’m currently transcribing Sam’s Dual VCA, which will then land on my Github repo.
For easy comparing I’m keeping the same references (AS3360 = U3, etc) so it’s almost a perfect copy of the image from his project page.
But for the CEM3340, I slightly modified his schematic.
On my Github repo I have an MIT license which assigns the copyright to myself.

So I’m asking myself how you handle this stuff, do you simply don’t think about it, do you just add a “schematic based on …”?

The question is general, not just related to LMNC

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Circuits fall into an unusual copyright category. You can’t copyright circuits (otherwise Behringer wouldn’t exist), but you can copyright drawings of circuits. You can also avoid being a dick simply by crediting your sources, not cloning panel designs, and not violating copyrights by reusing drawings of circuits.

We’re a tiny, niche, collaborative and open community, so I think generally it’s okay to do whatever you want, just try to give credit where ever you can.


Agree with @BlackDeath and would add the need to speak to the original creator - it’s always nice to be asked.

That sounds reasonable