THT Clouds module?

I’m now being asked to build a Clouds module…

Does anyone know of a through hole Clouds module or is this another project?

Super digital so I dunno how much you can call it diy. Probably have to buy theirs and convert to Kosmo

Also I think it uses a pretty serious microcontroller so at minimum a thru hole clouds would have an arduino stuck on the back

Yeah. I don’t mind soldering 1 or 2 soics… just with the way my hands shake i’m not going to be having a good time trying to tweeze a gazillion 0603s into place.

Well, if i make a Kosmo Clouds i guess i’ll just plan on using a dip adapter for that.

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Or a big atmega chip but you’d have to get the program onto it

I looked at the BOM… it’s an STM… so i’d be hanging an STM devboard off the back (just like on Braids).

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I’ve been considering this as a project. I just got a Branches kit to dip my toe into SMD projects and I do plan on making it Kosmo format.


Wife says “Oh God I love Bernoulli’s” so… I think you already have a customer.