Teensy 3.x retired

Teensy 3.2 End Of Life

With great sadness, we’re discontinuing Teensy 3.2.

Teensy 4.0 and 4.1 will continue. We’re able to get the new 600 MHz chips in sufficient quantity.

But the sad reality is we simply can’t get enough of the old 72 MHz chips. The ongoing problems with old chip supply has become a huge distraction which is impeding progress on Teensy 4.x development.

Teensy LC, 3.5, 3.6 were discontinued earlier this year. When the small stock we have remaining for Teensy 3.2 runs out, it too will be gone.

Author Paul Stoffregen


I managed to get 4* Teensy 3.6 the other month before they disappeared.


I managed to get 6 teensy LC in a sale this summer. If someone could suggest why, i would be grateful. A guitar idea i think but who can say. Oddly enough no matter how many notes i make i never remember to list what i got for what.

There’s enough power to make a programmable effect if it can be voltage controlled, I used Teensy 2+ devices to act as controllers for a programmable phaser unit and an ensemble.

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Programmable as in using the audio tool and analogue hardware?

No, it has a DAC output, digital outs so it can drive shift registers etc, if you have any module that can be voltage controlled then you could add a little programmer to make settings and store them using the Teensy.

Like my programmable add on device, but you don’t need the additional DAC as it has one on board, a simple demux can expand the CV outs to as many as you need.

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I’m just building an effects unit based on the Spin FV-1, I’m using a Teensy 2++ to control it as a programmer and build a fully voltage controlled effects unit with memories. You could easily use the LC to do this too.

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Superb. Thanks Craig