Resistor code help

My colour blindnes has got me stumped, this resistor was on a strip with 7k written on it.

It measures more like 6.9k so could be a commo.6.8k

The 7K could be my writing a couple of years ago.

Anyone confirm for me :slight_smile:

to me ( left to right ) it’s

either (Blue/Violet) (Violet/Blue) (Grey/Green)


Unless it’s 5 band not 6

Better Pic. (sort of)

I’d say definitely blue and maybe green then brown black for a 6.8k.

I’d also say it’s what the multimeter reads and not what the stripes are that matters. From 6.8k to 6.9k is a 1.5% difference, or 3% from 6.8k to 7.0k. Close enough for your application?

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Handed it to the wife. She gave up after I told here there was not more than one shade of brown. :slight_smile: … Perhaps I need a brand with it written ££££ .

It defo must have been me in the early days that wrote 7K, it’s what the cheap multi component says when I test them today. But tested on the multi meter ( which I thought I had done as it’s my normal practice when unsure ) and that came back with 6.8K.

It’s on the 3360 circuit so the tolerance would probably have been more than good enough even if they were some random 7K thing.

I spent about 4 hrs two weeks ago going through 90% of a pile of dropped randoms with the meter, a colleague did ask why I did not just bin them!!!

Thanks for the reply, at least you and my wife have confirmed that even with colour vision it’s not easy.



Look like blue, grey, black, brown, brown to me. So, 6.8k.

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My eyesight has never been good enough to read the colour bands, so I’ve relied on multimeters of increasing quality over the years. Despite being teeny tiny things I really appreciate the numbers on surface mount resistors and some capacitors, because I can focus well enough with a magnifier or my phone camera to know what I’m looking at :slight_smile:

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Begs the question, where is my Fluke I should have at home? I bought my son his own cheap meter last year for his 18th, so where on earth is my good one?


Missing kit invariably turns up in the last project i tidied away. Picture its last use in your head.

Missing kit is either where my wife last decided to randomly hide it, or where my 18yr old decided to leave it. It’s not often I misplace something… well

A set of parcel scales got attached to a parcel I was sending and ended up at the parcel shop for 6 weeks. I bought a new set after struggling to find them,

I lost a socket set extension bar in 2001, the socket set was stolen from the garage in a break in in 2002 and i found the lost extension in August 2007 sitting in the lower lip of the garage door just as I cleared out the last things whilst moving house…

Oh the fluke has turned up, the 18yr old had it in the garage…


Maybe for his 19th, buy yourself a new meter and give him the fluke :slight_smile:

He got a new meter for his 18th :wink: just never returned mine.


hopped on this topic for a resistor questionanswer yall would know
i ordered 10k-1w by mistake instead if 1/4w does it even matter for a common kosmo tinterer?

They’ll be physically larger and may need kluging to fit PCB footprints or stripboard layouts but will work fine electrically.

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yes they are bigger and i can work with that no prob
thanks for the verification, rock on :+1:

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These blue background resistors are notoriously difficult to read, though Im pretty sure its five band blue-grey-black-brown brown

So it would be 6K8 +/- 1%, though it measures outwith 1%, so either your meter is out of calibration or the resistor is a cheap knock off and not the claimed +/- 1%

I found a way to make it way easier


I dropped have another pile of 50+ resistors to grade… I should just stop being cheap and buy new :slight_smile:


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When my kids grew and flew I realized that I needed to keep several magnifying tools on me and my workbench.
This includes a wireless microscope camera pen linked to my phone ( a modified zit tool I got for £10)
I have also added NFC tags to three tools that need a screen. These activate the viewer on my phone.