Ready to rock?$$$

So i know quartz has some interesting electrical properties. This image is just me sick of doing other stuff and tinkering. I used some larger gauge copper wire, a magnet, and a strip of copper shielding around a shard. I was going to strip some thin wire for a tight outer layer. Google only gave me tarot/rock store astrology stuff, figured someone here would know exactly how it could be done.

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Quartz is piezoelectric. Pick a front and back, apply electrodes and then hit it!

What would you like to do with it?

This may assist in your enquiry…

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Pickup for my scrapcaster. Rock to output. Ya, i was going to make it like a single coil. Thanks for the link, ill check it out.

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Not sure you will have enough turns for a good pickup unless you make it active and as the quartz’s structure is dependent on orientation (side-side not end-end) and ignores a magnetic field.
Im a long time modder of guitars and happy to field diy pickup questions and can even steer this back to synths if required. Do keep experimenting.