Opamp clock inverter

I’m researching diy clock inverters. I’ve found simple schematics with hex schmitt trigger inverters which I am likely going to build. I am curious if it is practical at all or even applicable to use inverting opamps…?

A Schmidt trigger is probably the best unless your signal is bipolar where you might need to swing negative.

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I’ve never heard of a clock inverter so am not sure what you want to do. But logic inversion is different from analog inversion. Logic inversion takes 0 and +V signals and converts them to +V and 0. Analog inversion, what an inverting amplifier does, converts positive voltage to negative and vice versa. You could use op amps to get something like logical inversion, but it’d be a lot easier to do it with logic chips.

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An opamp can be used as a logic inverter if wired as a comparator, see below: