Music from Livestream 19-12-2017


So during last weeks music livestream, I asked in the chat if @lookmumnocomputer would mind if I ripped the music parts of the previous livestreams and released them here. He said he didn’t mind, so here is a torrent of the very first livestream I could get hold of from Patreon/Youtube.

This was livestreamed on Dec 19th 2017 - and it’s pretty good - a few tracks we all know and love (Modern Gas, Desperado) together with some pretty cool jams. There’s also some Sam singing - a rare occurrence in later livestreams

I’ve done the editing myself, and split them into tracks (gap-less where appropriate) so that it’s not one huge audio file. I’ve also applied a bit of EQ and compression as well to make it sound a bit better. Finally, encoded to aac/m4a (rather than crappy mp3) and available to download as a 72mb torrent.

The majority of the music content is there - including the really long Jingle Bells intro. The purpose of this is to have complete (or very nearly complete) live sets from the livestreams without any of the chat/banter/talking.

Let me know if i’ve done a crappy or good job. Enjoy!


Magnet link (copy & paste as torrent URL)