Module tester recommendations

I’m going to be building a lot of modules in the future and am considering getting a module tester kit to power and test them before I plug the scratch built stuff into my rack. It looks like there are two available versions of the Mutable Instruments module tester–one on Modular Addict that seems to be a pretty faithful reproduction of the original, and one on which claims to be an “improved” version 2.

The version on MA is cheaper by quite a lot, but they are sold out of the pre-loaded chip for their version. The one on AS costs more and ships from out of country (from the UK). All the parts are available, though.

Does anyone have any experience with either of these modules or have any advice on other module testers I might not know about?

Thanks in advance!

The original and version 2 were both designed by Mutable Instruments. Main differences are the power supply — v2 takes a 15 VDC wall wart instead of a harder to find 12 VAC, and the jacks; v2 has Thonkiconn footprints. The new version I think is preferable.

The photos at amazingsynth show v1 but what they’re selling is v2. Modular Addict shows v1 photos and doesn’t say anything about v2 so I’m guessing they really are v1.

Other sources are:

Or you can grab the Gerbers from the Mutable Instruments Github and get them fabbed:

If you have an Arduino you can use it to flash the microcontroller chip yourself (the firmware’s on the Github too). It’s not very hard.

Note Amazingsynth mentions an alternate power supply converter (for v2) which is a good deal cheaper than the one MI specified, though it does have not as low ripple.

The approach I took was to download the design files from GitHub, modify them to better fit my intended enclosure (a cigar box) and to substitute footprints for the MIDI and 1/4" jacks I already had, get them fabbed, and flash my own MCU. It worked out well and I’m very glad I built it. It’s been extremely useful.

More here: Eurorack Synth Noodle Toaster v2

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I have the pcb, kit parts and case , what country are you in . and yes the programmed chip

I’m in the US, East Coast.

great ! I tried to sell off my extra kits that I had On hand . But can send you a complete kit . The case is the clear acrylic one and lets the all the board jacks and switches led’s all mount perfectly.
I thought $100 would be fair plus shipping . maybe? I am in san jose west coast.

@analogoutput are the gerbers still there on the GIT? I can’t find them. I can find a .sch and .brd but they must be for something like eagle?



I misspoke, there are no Gerbers there.

The design files are for Eagle, but I have a fork at that has KiCad versions in You can use those to generate Gerbers.


So you have the board, the PIC, and the case, and I will need to buy the components from the BOM for myself? Or do you mean when you say “complete kit” that you have all the components as well?

all the components , all ic, resistors and caps and switches the whole shabang . EVERYTHING is included .

all stuff ic, resistors, caps switches m EVERYTHING is there in da kit.

I hope you won’t be offended if I’m a little cautious, but I just met you and so far you’re just a random stranger on the internet. So, do you mind me asking why you have an extra full kit for this thing? Also, is it possible to get a photo or something before I send you $100? I’m sure you understand my position here…

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I am just another internet stranger, but I bought a kit from SYNTHGUY57 a while back and can confirm that it is legit. I think I posted pics of the finished module tester somewhere on the forums.


Here is the pic

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I went on a whim and bought At different times , so I could build and sell then my mind said wow you bought alot of stuff . So when the pandemic hit , I bought parts and parts and parts I had kits, just spending too much but I wanted the programmed chips and the guy had the pcb’s versions 1 with ic volt regs and version 2 with the power supply block and just bought both . I can send you pics , this afternoon . I am legit and no a scam , alot of sytnn peeps know of me and we sell to each other . It is good. No worries.

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Only good stuff… :slight_smile:

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I appreciate the explanation. I’m def interested. Sorry for doubting you; having someone vouch for you works for me. How do you usually handle this kind of transaction?

I hadn’t realized until this weekend SynthCube has a Module Tester complete kit for sale… at $249. Yeesh.

Whereas it’s possible to buy a PCB and all components and a case for under $80… if by “case” you mean a cigar box or something. I used a cigar box.

Even if you get the higher quality AmazingSynth PCB and acrylic case and even if you buy all the components from Mouser not Tayda, that’ll run about $150. SynthCube, well, no one ever accused them of underpricing.

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Yeah, I was pricing components from Mouser tonight and with almost everything (not included were resistors, caps, Thonk jacks, and PCB obv) it still came to $85+! Then there’s the PCB, and I could splurge and get the pre-flashed chip and be well over $100 before I even thought about a case or wall wart. It’s just such an incredibly useful tool! Damn that Emilie and her brilliant mind!

Is there stuff missing from the Mouser cart on the AmazingSynth site? That one prices out at about $78 and has a few redundant items. That’s without shipping. And it has the cheaper power converter, maybe that’s the difference?

I think that 1) prices may have gone up a little and 2) I splurged on the more expensive but less ripply power converter. I’m pricing things out on Tayda now and it’s proving to be much less expensive overall, though shipping might still make up the difference.