LMNC simple 1v/oct oscillator volume question on some of the outputs

Hi there, new to building modular synths and have just finished my first completely diy module using the LMNC simple oscilator stripboard design but modifying it slightly to fit into a form that matched a faceplate i had already. I used the core version with sqaure out and im impressed ive managed to get it working first time. All 3 of the wave outouts work, as well as the CV IN, however the triangle and saw waves output at a lot less volume than the square.

Ive used all the suggested components so not sure what would be causing it, any suggestions on how to debug?

As a new user it will only let me add one pic, but do appreciate the form factor ive gone for may make it hard to see anywah

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This is normal:

That topic is about the 1222 module but the same applies to the simple one.

There are 3340 based oscillators, like the Thomas Henry VCO Maximus and the Kassutronics VCO 3340 (which I partly based my VCO design on) that scale and offset the 3340 outputs to make them all ±5 V, but Sam’s modules don’t.

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