Learning synths

Stumbled on this site from Ableton called Learning Synths.
Great intro and a superb example of using (max/pure data) touch interfaces.

A long term project if mine is to use old android phones as synths and controllers. Making interfaces with PureData underneath.


Have you looked into OSC? There are android OSC apps available and I’m pretty sure Pd can receive OSC messages .



Hey! No, I’d never seen it. Looks interesting.
I wrote some “play PD” stuff in unity but I suck at real programming. (That’s code for it never worked)

Mobmuplat was fun but I hate picture gui s.
I alway feel your limited by the imagination of the developer.

Right now I’m down an audio/midi over IP deep rabbit hole dive I’m hoping I resolve soon. I’d love to get back to making music.

Many thanks


Update: the rabbit hole got deeper as I read more about OSC. Android, computer, Arduino, teensy the platforms and combinations are endless!

Always a pleasure to find a new and useful skill or tool. Thanks again