Jeannie poly synth

I don’t normally build from kits, but about 6 months ago I bought the Jeannie boards from Tube Ohm. Basically it’s an 8 voice poly VST with an additional effects board. Most of the SMD is already soldered so you just have to gather the rest of the components from the BOM and solder one 24 pin SMD chip to the effects board. Still waiting on some of the more obscure parts that I don’t have in stock, but built it in about 4 hours. Rolf the creator is still developing new functionality for it so it seems well supported.


Finished my “Jeannie” build today, my mum used to say “life is like a box of chocolates”… When I went to school Genie was spelt Genie.


Finally got around to making a front panel for my Jeannie build. I’m trying a new 3mm composite material that I picked up from the local DIY store, A 1m x 1.5m x 3mm sheet of plastic coated with aluminium on both sides, it was less than a quarter of the price of aluminium and can be easily cut with a jig saw, drilled and smoothed with a craft knife. It’s also very rigid.


I’ve heard this material be called “Dibond”, though that might be a trade name.

Very cool though.

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Thanks, I was just about to ask. When it comes to new or odd materials I am, to use the materials vernacular, a total slag.

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Jeannie is in a box…


The Jeannie also has a selectable MIDI thru/out option on a jumper, because it only has two MIDI ports. So I decided to add both thru and out options, although I don’t think out is currently used by anything. This meant adding an additional 74HC14 and resistors to a little daughter board and intercepting the MIDI out signal off the PCB and buffering it to the out socket. Seems to work fine although my initial 74HC14 was faulty and pulling down the data line.