Help with VCO components

Hello Everyone,

I am planning my first build probably a simple VCO but i am loosing my mind on parts and components.

There are so many options and I am finding it overwhelming.
(more so for me as I do have a malfunctioning brain)

I apologise if this is a repeat.

Thank you.



probably worth starting by specifying what features you want, how much money you want to spend etc, if you want a simple VCO this may mean using an IC like the SSI2131 etc, there are simpler circuits to start with, atari punk console etc


Thanks for your reply
I want to build up to building complex modules.
I am seeing the diy journey as a series of stepping stones.
I suppose my $$ budget for my first build is $50 aud or less.

I was thinking very simple VCA, VCO ect to have a basic first diy rig.

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If you’ve never made anything before, build Sam’s super simple oscillator, just to get one under your belt. Then make a DIY Low Pass Gate with an A/D envelope generator, or even just a button. Then, you’ll have a machine that makes plucky beeps, and you can build what you think you need from there - probably a 3340 based VCO and any type of filter you like. I like Barton Musical Circuit boards, too.


Hi @BlackDeath
I am coming at this with no previous electronic building experience. I am/was a visual artist in painting and drawing. What i do get confused with is parts and which one is best on the sites i need to buy from.
Ill try what you recommend and move on from there.

Barton Musical Circuit boards look great. Im still learning how to read the plans.


Looking at the Super simple osc is this the right pot?

Depends on how you want to connect it, but you may want this one instead.


Does it matter about the diameter as Sams list it doesn’t mention anything?

shaft type and diameter vary based on what on what type of knob you want to match with them.


Thank you for your help


this is one of the trouble shooting threads for the super simple oscillator if you have problems its a good place to start .


Thank you
Ordered my parts this morning

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