Fix PowerSupply?


I am pretty new to the modular diy world and just put together a view modules.

Today i think i plugged a simple unbuffered mixing module running on a TL072 the wrong way in the powersupply in my NiftyCase and connected -12v to gnd and GND to -12v… Now the negative rail dropped down to -3v when nothing is plugged in and the modules dont run properly anymore aswell.
For example my TL074 based adsr module turns on, but nothing happens when i try to put a gate into it. When i try them with my DOEPFER A-100 Power Supply the modules work fine.

Now i dont know if i killed the power supply in the case completely or if there is a way to the fix the negative rail so it puts out -12v again.

I couldnt find anything online, so i thought i’ll try and ask here.

Thanks for you help <3

I would guess you’ve damaged the -12 V regulator and maybe swapping that out would be all you need. But I don’t see any documentation on that case’s power supply so can only guess. You might inquire with the case manufacturer.

I’m a little puzzled as to how the -12 V rail got connected to ground though. If you just reversed the power connector it would connect the ±12 V rails to the wrong points in the module but neither would get connected to ground (nor to each other).

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I couldnt find anything about the power supply either and already contacted the manufacturer. I’ve been jusing jump camples to connect because the mixer is just in prototype form and by accident switched them while plugging in…

Thanks for the fast reply, ill see if i can find the regulator and if i can swap it

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just a really stupid mistake because i didnt take my time and wanted to finally play around with some sounds after months of just building and trying to get everything together haha

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Welcome to the forum and good luck :slight_smile:

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