Combine two code midi cv generator

I don’t know how I helped there, but glad you got it working

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Thanks man, i dont know too haha, i’ll take it for granted
Thank you , u’re the best

I just put in in a box
Heres another quick demo :

Everything works smooth,
And the scrolling graph is damn cool tho


So you seem to be using the serial port as part of the actual code, so best remove the two Serial.Println you put in the loop.

@craigyb , can’t think why there would ever be a problem printing from the serial port have you tried with just a simple hello script?

Most of my scripts actulay print out a boot message to say what the program is, unless the serial port can’t be used.

On a nano, you only have one serial port which can either be used by USB or by the TX/RX pins trying to use both at the same time will not work. You can run software serial and allocate two other pins as TX/RX to run somenting like midi whist retaining serial over USB.