Cheap Spring reverb driver

Hey everyone, it’s been a while :grin:

I decided to make a DIYish spring reverb driver that’s pretty cheap but working well!

It uses only 2 resistors, 3 potentiometer and 1 TL074, the schematic is below:

You have a dry/wet settings and two adjusting gain for the input of the spring tank and one for the output.

Here is the board

Here is the tank

I don’t know much about spring reverb driver design but I do know they usually take some pains to match the input and output impedances of the tank. For instance the core of the Music Thing Spring Reverb:

The comments appear to refer to an earlier version of the components annotation; “R2, R4, R6” seem to be referring to R103, R107, and R109.

There’s a good deal more of course, for tone control and feedback and voltage control etc. but this is the actual driver and recovery part.


I built the circuit a while back and it does work fine for the most part, but I was wondering if it’s possible to change the range on the dry/wet potentiometer because to hear a decent amount of reverb, I have to crank the knob all the way up to hear it and that’s the maximum it would go. I’ve changed the value of the dry/wet potentiometer to see if it can change it, but nothing yet. Any suggestions? Good circuit for a cheap and easy reverb driver overall