Buying opamps, suffixes

Sorry if this question has already been answered, I couldn’t find a post about it.

When buying OpAmps like the TL072, what does the suffix (like CP, ACP, CPE) mean? Can I buy anyone of these? I couldn’t find an answer in the datasheet.


TL07x, TL07xA, TL07xB, TL07xH, TL07xM are different specs as given in the datasheet ( pages 12–33. A, B, H, M are better specs — probably not important for synths — at higher price compared to TL07x.

Additional letters indicate the package type (PDIP or CDIP (through hole), SOIC, TSSOP, etc. (surface mount)), number on a reel, operating temperature range, etc. as shown on datasheet addendum after page 45.

Basically if it’s in the package you want it’s likely to be fine for synth building unless the designer has specified something. Cheapest and most readily available through hole versions usually are TL071CP, TL072CP, and TL074CN.