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so i took some time and took the advice giving me in this post (My Bus/Buffered/Send Thingie where i need help) to think things over. Now i have split my idea into two seperate projects. This one dicusses the first one. I want to create a breakout module for my external gear. So there will be no logic within this module since it is just an extension for external connections.

The Idea is to have a breakout module which contains the main connections i want to have for my external gear. The devices are the following:

  • Mackie Mix 8
  • Prophet Rev 2
  • Behringer RD8
  • Octatrack
  • Torso T-1
  • Mod Dwarf
  • McMillen QuNexus

You might ask now how do i get those connections into my eurorack?

So the Idea is to build a wooden box with an Eurorack 3u Frame, Power Supply and “external inputs”. You will see a schemativ below. I will need 3 pcbs, 1 for the Module itself and two which are used on the box for the external connections. All of the three modules will have a frontplate as well. The connections within the box, which connects the 2 PCBs with the breakout module are standard ribbon cables which you might know for the power supply for eurorack modules but as 4 x 40 and 2 x 10.

I thought it might be a good starting point to dive into the whole pcb, schematic, sourcing game when i start with something simple, like you guys mentioned it. So now i have created the first draft of my eurorack breakout module. Below you will find screenshots of the schematic, PCB and 3D Model.

So now i got several Question you guys might help, if neccassary i will post files regarding the schematics i created in EasyEDA. Now to the questions:

  1. Did i make the connections for balanced/unbalanced connections correct? Do i miss something?

  1. I also need one USB Connection to my Torso T-1. I hope i choosed the correct part for it? Is there anything to know? I find a lot of USB parts so i just choosed one.

  1. Regarding the PCB, which is my first ever created, i got scared because i need 63 Thonkicons (Mono/Stereo) + 1 USB connections within an 20HP Module. So the thonks are really close to each other. On the other side i got scared since i need 4 x 40 Pin Conncetors and 3 x 10 Connectors on the backside of the module. What do you think?
    There is a lot of going on, see here:

  1. I also got scared of the thonks on the edges of the PCB.

  1. I also think that might be the worst placement of those connectors but i wanted to avoid a two PCB layered module. Therefore i placed those 40 pin connectors on the back i hope that it not come in conflict with the thonkicons.

  1. Because i am lazy as hell i used the autoroute function in EasyEDA i used 12 mil for lines and spacing, for vias i used 40 mil for pads an 18mil for holes. I optimized the placement of the thonkicons besides the 40 pin connectors good as possible, i was able to achive a 100% autoroute connection. Any experience on that?

  1. I also got scared regarding the USB Connection. Any Experience on that?

Any help would much appreaciated since i am a noob and just start loving creating PCB schematics and develop ideas. Thx

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I think you guys are scared of the size of this post? But the help that i need is really simple questions i think in terms of noobness. This is my first pcb and i have no knowledge in creating them. I try to avoid pitfalls.

Help is much appreciated. I also will keep you informed on the progress i want to share.

I think it might be a bit much indeed. If you want to break it down into smaller bits that might help people to take the time to answer.
(I have no experience in designing PCB, it sort of removes the DIY side of it for me.)
Anyway, good luck.

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